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Total Weed & Pest Control in Yukon, OK

Being locally owned and operated, we want to provide the best possible service while eliminating all your weed and pest issues.

Happy Clients

We do our very best to provide the outstanding services our clientele deserve, and we love receiving feedback from them regarding the work we’ve done. Check out some of the testimonials and reviews we’ve gotten from past and returning clients. We encourage you to write your own review after experiencing our service for yourself.

What We Do

Termite Inspection & Treatment

Protect one of your most valuable purchases!  J and H utilizes one of the most effective products on the market today, Termidor HE. From our in-depth termite inspections to knowing we completely have your back if your  termite issues ever return.

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Weed Control/Fertilization

Promots growth, strengthens roots, gives you that lush green beautiful lawn!

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General Pest Control

Generalized Pest Management, Pest Identification, Integrated Pest, Management, Spiders, Ants, Cockroaches, Grubs, Fleas, Ticks, Rats, and Mice, Crickets.

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Yard Pest Control

Have moles? Then lets get rid of their food source, grubs. Grubs can also eat away at the roots of your grass, leaving those brown dead spots.

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Helps roots grow deeper, allows water to penitrate further

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Mosquito Control

Protect yourself from 1 of the 176 different species of mosquitoes we have in the US. West Nile Virus could be the first of many diseases that mosquitoes carry. Start your integrated mosquito management today!!


"I messaged him two days ago and was freaking out about many different types of bug issues I have been having with my trailer! I have kids and made him aware how scared I was of bugs in general and I needed a solution! He came out early this morning and did an amazing job spraying the inside and outside of my home! He was SO thorough in making sure he covered all bases and was very kind! I will be a returning customer and would highly recommend using their services!"

Destinee P.

"Friendliest and best customer service ever! You won’t find a better company out there."

Jessica S.

"J&H Weed and Pest came out the same day I contacted them to give me a quote and then returned later that evening to spray the yard. It was a mess and after one application it already looks much better. Will definitely be using their services again."

Kristen P.

"Justin has sprayed my house and yard three times now since I moved in. He's so personable and knowledgeable. He knows how terrified I am of spiders, so he takes extra care to ensure everything is covered with "kill all the insects" spray. Thank you, Justin!"

Shayla R.

     J and H             Weed & Pest    Control

711 Cedar Ave.  Yukon, OK, USA